Taking the leap?

Imagine for one moment that you are sat in an office. Across the desk, a person with an impressive title ‘Pro-Rector Research & Innovation’ asks you one very simple question, “If you could research anything what do you want to research?” Imagine the feeling of total apprehension as the only word you want to communicate is ‘Skateboarding.’ What sound person, in charge of research and innovation grants, would fund research into skateboarding? Let’s be pragmatic, no person in their right mind could justify sending a lecturer to Los Angeles to attend a conference on the future of skateboarding. Would they?

Bowie’s interview was a trigger, the inspiration if you will, to start a conversation. By simply voicing the word skateboarding during that get-together, an exchange of animated ideas took shape, a dialogue of philosophies unravelled and my feet left the ground. It turns out sound people do make chancy decisions.