IFFTI – Award Winning Presentation

The IFFTI’s annual international conference was an opportunity to ‘test’ my ideas in a place where my peers and where many academics would be in attendance. Putting my research out there for an audience to hear in order to receive critical responses was not comfortable but was surprisingly enjoyable. The great opportunity that came from presenting was meeting like-minded people who shared my passion and interest for the subject of appropriation and slow journalism. As well as listening to talks and presentations from others, this was a great way to examine my own approaches to methodology and speaking about my practise. The discussion’s afterwards opened up new ways of thinking about the specific theme of branding, one that I had previously not throughly thought about in depth. With the chance to speak to the presenters afterwards I was able to share details and opinions on ideas and look forward to further discussions arising from this event. I was also please to be awarded best presentation of the day as part of the IFFTI award ceremony. A wonderful way to end my first academic conference as a presenter.