Designing A Case Study For California’s Narrative

Designed primarily to explain the methods and actions employed by skateboard photographers and videographers, this first case study will take me to Los Angeles, California. The field work sets out to examine the transitional techniques used by established industry professionals addressing changes in technology, approaches to capturing skateboarding’s narrative and the application of editing techniques professionals applied to still and moving image.

A set of nine questions have formed the research framework, focusing on, the evolution of skateboarding’s visual language, describing authenticity within still/moving imagery and speculating on the appropriation of skateboarding’s visual narrative by the fashion industries. The instrumental approach utilises documentary as method to record in-depth interviews, observations and archive the respondent’s responses. The findings will form a comparative study to be coded and analysed for consideration. The respondent’s answers will be transcribed to examine construct, intention, motivation and design methodology, outlining any patterns that may be drawn out of the research.